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Berita terbaru VGMC 6 Juni 2013

 Informasi vgmc Juni 2013    ( Terjemahkan )

Dear Shareholders, Executive Board & Partners:Management is proud to announce that it has now proposed to list all CPS-GOLD, CPS-PLATINUM and CPS-SILVER by October 2013 (or earlier) subject to regulatory approval.As part of this exercise, all CPS-PLATINUM and CPS-SILVER will be converted into common stock for listing purposes. CPS-GOLD holders who have previously exercised their Options (by paying the price difference) will also hold similar common stock that will be listed. All CPS-GOLD Options holders who have yet to exercise their Options will be given until 31st December 2013 to exercise their options after undergoing the KYC procedures (explained below).Prior to this listing exercise, any party wishing to become a shareholder in the listed vehicle (LISTCO) will be required to undergo a simple KYC (Know Your Client) procedure with LISTCO’s corporate services and legal representatives in London, United Kingdom. Each shareholder must attend personally (by prior appointment) and present a current International Passport together with two Proofs of Address (any of the two: original bank statement or utility bills dated within the previous 3 months or a current drivers’ license) between 10th June and 31st December 2013.Shareholders who have completed the KYC procedures and who have been allotted common shares of LISTCO will receive their physical share certificates (to be couriered to them) within 3 months of completing all KYC procedures.Shareholders who do not complete these KYC procedures by 31st December 2013 will lose any rights to be allotted any shares in LISTCO. Physical share certificates can later be deposited through appointed brokerage(s) to enable electronic trading (selling) of LISTCO’s shares.I wish to congratulate all shareholders, my executive board members, our board of directors and partners who have been waiting for this good news. I urge you to be patient, understanding, and careful in completing all the KYC procedures and executing necessary payments so that you will be the rightful owner of your shares in LISTCO.Thank you

David Barrett