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TaylorMade Golf

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Nothing feels as satisfactory as a perfectly struck golf shot, and that is what propelled the design idea behind the infamous TaylorMade Golf brand name. The game of golf is such a wonderful, self-competing sport; the beautiful landscapes, the sights and sounds of birds and other wildlife, and the pure delightful of watching a great golf shot take a couple bounces and land on the green a foot or so from the flag.

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TaylorMade began as a small three person operation in 1979. The main focus of this small and innovative company was to create a great driver from, of all things,-metal. The company did just under $50,000 in sales its first year. Golfers loved the new product and in 2006 TaylorMade Golf did its first one billion in sales. Today, everyone in golf knows and respects the name of TaylorMade.

When the TaylorMadePittsburg Persimmon” (a nickname given to the new metal-wood that stuck) hit the market in 1979, everyone was skeptical at first. The driver had a metal head-this was quite a shock to the golfing community and very different from the normal “Persimmon Wood” composition of its contemporaries. The “Medal-wood” changed the world of golf forever. In 1983 the “Burner” was introduced and it became the granddaddy of all future drivers to come.

From its humble beginnings in Illinois in 1979, to the multinational conglomerate it has become today, TaylorMade Golf Company and its products touch every facet of the game of golf.

In the category of drivers, the company still sports the Burner line of clubs. This great grand-daddy of all medal-woods led to the new and current lines of drivers: Burner Superfast 2.0, Rocketballz TP Driver, the R11S, Rocketballz Stage 2, and the R1 driver.

The TalorMade drivers have always been known for their great feel. The medal-wood, and eventually, the graphite shafts and great grip choices make this product superior. In the game of golf, “feel” is everything to the player. TaylorMade Golf has always been about feel since its founding. And, although the company has changed hands several times through the years, the original ideals and goals of its founder Gary Adams have remained surprisingly intact.

Today’s market for golf clubs is exploding. New inventions, new materials, and innovative products of every kind hit the shelves regularly; however, there is always something to be said for longevity and no one can deny that TaylorMade and its products have stood the test of time. So many other companies have come and gone, their products proven to be a fade or inferior- TaylorMade Golf is a brand name that has remained true to its initial ideals and remained fluid with modern demands and materials.

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